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 Used: TIMBERLINE Officers Model Endurance Saddle
"This saddle has a modified fork and cantle borrowed from the US McClellan Military saddle. The front of the fork and back of the cantle have loops and rings to carry more gear than a western saddle. The seat is excellent for distance riding.  Front and rear thigh rolls create a comfortable and secure  groove for the rider. The flaps have been redesigned for a smaller more rounded look."

The saddle is 27lbs and is a Western 16.5". The saddle is in great condition, with some minor blemishes. The saddle comes with the Adjustable Rigging system and hoof pick/tool holders on the rear billets.

$2200.00 OBO + Shipping Cost.


 Used: ORTHO-FLEX Pack Saddle with leather and biothane fittings. Includes girth, rigging, saddle pads, and panniers. *There is some minor rodent damage to the saddle pads. This includes some urine staining and areas where the pads were chewed. *Please refer to pictures.


**All items have been washed and sanitized.


**As the pack bags have been washed, they would need to be waterproofed.

$450.00 OBO + Shipping Cost.

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